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The Dorenburg

In big and small

The eponymous main building as a model

A private family trip to the Dorenburg open-air museum in Grefrath gave Daniel Mrugalski the idea: the collection of historical buildings there is an ideal template for our laser cut kits. "I immediately took cell phone photos of the individual buildings and sent them to my production manager and chief developer that evening." From then on everything went very quickly, especially since the district of Viersen, as the operator of the museum, also showed interest. No wonder, models are also a wonderful opportunity to become representative of your own region and culture.

A large number of work steps followed: measurement, photos and documentation of the buildings. A feasibility study to keep an eye on the costs. Then the drawing of the individual components and finally to production via test builds and fine machining. And the result is really good!

In the toy museum on the Dorenburg site there is a model railway system on the upper floor. Of course, the model should not be missing here either.

When unpacking it is hard to believe that the components in the bag make such a large component.

It should also be emphasized that, in contrast to many other manufacturers, only one bar has to be cut through to release a component.

The well-preserved original.

The outbuildings were also considered. Ultimately, the entire system should be able to be built largely true to the original.

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