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Freight car supplementary set M250 JRF 8-part

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Kato 10-1723

Freight car supplementary set M250 JRF 8-part

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Dubbed "Super-Railcargo", the M250 series made its debut in March 2004 on Takaido Main, a major logistical artery in Japan. As the first multi-engine container express train for JR Freight, the M250 series makes the daily round trip between Tokyo and Osaka in just 6 hours and 10 minutes one way. The train carries 28 units of the 31-foot U54A container in a livery dedicated to Sagawa Kyubin, a major parcel delivery company in Japan, in a 12-car configuration. Importantly, the M250 series was also developed with that goal in mind to reduce the CO2 pollution of the air from high-speed freight transport. It is expected to reduce around 14,000 tons of CO2 in the air annually.

- Body in light and dark blue color combination "Sagawa Kyubin" on gray chassis.
- Containers can be loaded and unloaded.

- T261-9
- T260-9
- T260-8
- T261-10
- T260-10
- T261-11
- T260-11
- T261-12
- T260-12

Organization example:
Mc250-3 (M) + M251-3 + T261-7 + T260-7 + T261-8 + T260-8 + T261-9 + T260-9 + T261-10 + T260-10 + T261-11 + T260-11 + T261-12 + T260-12 + M251-4 + Mc250-4

10-1721 includes: Mc250-3 (M), T261-7, T260-7, Mc250-4
10-1722 includes: M251-3, T261-8, T260-8, M251-4
10-1723 includes: T261-9, T260-9, T261-10, T260-10, T261-11, T260-11, T261-12, T260-12
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Railway companyJapan
Electrical systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CouplerHauseigene Kupplung
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