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Freight car ferry boat cooling wagon Tbnhs 30 DB special model AMC

Modellbahn Union N-G56021

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CategoriesLocos et wagons, Wagon de marchandises
EpoqueIII, IV
Comp. ferroviaireDB
Système électriqueSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CoupleurSchacht NEM 355 mit KK-Kinematik
Livraison au premier trimestre4/2019
Longueur hors tampons (mm)73mm
Min. radius (mm)192mm

Special model for Modell und Technik show 2019 (formerly known as Modell Süd)

This special model was offered to club members and trade fair visitors during the show by N-Club International.
Limited edition: only 98 pieces / variant

For the use of freight wagons in traffic to Great Britain freight wagons were required, which corresponded to the smaller British clearance gauge, and in addition to the well-known air brake on the commonly used in the UK Saugluftbremssystemten.DZG for this purpose, the DRG procured for covered cars and stake car with handbrake, from 1935 in two stages 50 refrigerator cars, but without handbrake. The cars had ice containers that were filled over the overhead doors. They were hired as Gfkhs Saarbrücken, later they were given the designation Tbnhs Berlin. Many survived the Second World War, about 20 came in 1950 to the DB, some cars to the DR. The DB leased about half of the Tbnhs to the Transthermos, the rest were the designation Tbnhs 30. For 19 cars in 1964 was still the renumbering in the UIC compliant designation Icfrs 400 (Epoch IV) provided, but most were phased out until 1969, since in particular in the cooling traffic, the train was too slow compared to the competition on the road.

The model railway Union Spur N models of Tbnhs cars in the scale 1: 160 are characterized by detailed design and printing. Different addresses as well as different painting conditions based on the working time are also considered. All models have a short-clutch linkage and NEM coupler pockets. The LüP is 7.3 cm per car.

equipped with:
- NEM coupler pockets
- Short coupling frame
- Standard N couplings
- Coupling dummies

Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.