Shimmns LogServ Epoque V-VI

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Fabricant, no.Modellbahn Union 35005-BW
CategorieLocos et wagons
The model is equipped with NEM-coupler pockets and close coupling system, blackened wheels, prototypically printing and details and numerous factory-attached detail parts.

In the mid 90s new versions of the hood wagons were created based on the existing chassis of the Shimmns 708 hood wagons, this time with canvas hoods in order to protect the coils from the weather. The versions created show different types of canvas shapes, chassis colours and bogies. Different type names, like Shimmns-tu 718 and Shimmns-ttu 722 show these differences. The versions we base our models on are those with the never before in N gauge realized triangular shaped canvas. Following the prototypes different colours and bogies will be realized.
The model of the Railion DB Logistics version has a red chassis and hand braking wheels.

CategoriesLocos et wagons, Wagon de marchandises
EpoqueV, VI
Comp. ferroviaireDB

Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.