Elektrotriebzug JR HB-E300 Series RESORT ASUNARO

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Fabricant, no.Kato 10-1369
CategorieLocos et wagons

Categories Locos et wagons Trains, Epoche V VI

This is a tourist train which started the operation in December, 2010 when the Shin Aomori station was opened for Tohoku Shinkansen. Not only does it travel to various regions in Tohoku, but it carries holiday makers as a special train to scenic regions depending the seasons, sometimes travelling so far away as even into Ogaor Yamada line. This train is featured with the distinctive wide windows of HB-E300, beautiful paint scheme of yellow, orange and green on the silver body, looking very attractive.

CategoriesLocos et wagons, Trains
EpoqueV, VI
Comp. ferroviaireJapan
Système électriqueSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
Longueur hors tampons (mm)280mm
Min. radius (mm)192mm
Pneus à friction2
Essieux moteurs4

Ce modèle n'est pas un jouet. Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.