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We repair your existing rolling stock!

Regardless of whether you bought it from us or not.

And it's really simple:

  • Create a workshop order online
  • Pack the rolling stock well (preferably in the original packaging), please enclose a printout of the workshop order email or the order number.
  • Send it to us, if necessary using a return slip.
  • We check, repair and discuss questions.
  • You will receive the invoice by email.
  • We are happy to combine the repair with a shop order to optimize shipping costs.
  • After the invoice has been paid, the repaired rolling stock is shipped directly and well packaged.

Even with the best care, defects will occur at some point. It's annoying when a beloved locomotive or other rolling stock breaks down as a result. We know this and are now offering you a tailor-made service - repairs by a professional. No matter where you bought the parts.

The costs depend on the effort required. We charge €84.00 for one workshop hour. Billing is done every 10 minutes, i.e. 14 € / 10 minutes. Material (decoder usually Doehler & Haass) is charged in addition to the shop price.

The amount of time required is difficult to determine in advance. Maintenance condition, cleanliness, etc. are often factors that cannot be calculated. It can also happen that spare parts are required or a defect occurs during the repair (brittle plastic, for example), for which we cannot accept liability. However, our technicians are well trained and handle a variety of N gauge rolling stock every day. You will hardly find a more competent and fair partner for such delicate work.

It is important that you trust us in our work and have some patience.

If it becomes apparent that it is uneconomical to repair a part, we will stop early and consult with you. Therefore, please be sure to provide a telephone number where we can reach you during working hours on weekdays.

To ensure that your treasures reach us intact and functional, you should always send the models in their original packaging. This not only makes work easier for our technicians (safer packing and unpacking), but also offers better protection during shipping. Please understand that we cannot guarantee damage during shipping if the original packaging is not used and we also have to charge €10 for the extra work.

By the way, you are welcome to combine the workshop order with a shop order to save shipping costs!

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