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The order process

The order process usually consists of the following steps:

  • Shopping cart
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Order confirmation
  • Confirmation, if necessary with external payment.


You start the actual ordering process from the shopping cart.

Altering the items

If required, you can alter the number of articles (1) or even delete an entire item.


Each position can be copied or moved to any bookmark list (2).

Pay method

There are several ways how to pay (3).

Shipping method

Please choose the delivery country and the delivery method (4). You can also pick-up your goods in one of our stores.

Free bonus item

Even for very low order values, we will thank you with a free bonus item (5), which you can select here.


Here you can use as many vuchers as you have (6). If the value exceeds the billing amount, you receive a new voucher with the rest after completing and payying the order.

Start checkout

This button (7) starts step #2, the address(es).


If an address is already linked to your account, it will be provided for selection (1). This is the case, for example, as a registered customer, but also if the system has remembered your last used address. If there is no address available for selection yet, you can enter a new billing address and, if necessary, a different delivery address (2).

If you are logged in, the fields will be pre-filled, but you still have the option of entering other/additional addresses.

Billing address

Enter a new address or select an existing one from the list. The following address types are available here:

  • postal address
  • mailbox

Shipping address(optional)

If you want to specify a different delivery address, the procedure is identical to the billing address. The following address types are available here:

  • postal address
  • packing station
  • postoffice

Please note:

Addresses that you have already used once during an order can no longer be deleted (3). If you make changes, please create a new address. If an address has been created but has never been used, it can of course also be edited or deleted.


First, your data will be listed again (1).

Please confirm the given documents and regulations (2).

Here additional requests can be stated (3).

If you want, you can subscribe to our newsletter at no charge with your order (4). If you tick this, a double opt-in procedure will be initiated in parallel.

The positions of your order will be listed again (5). Likewise a sum block (6), is calculated, the (intermediate) sums, taxes and used vouchers are indicated.

A click on the button "buy" (7) submits the order.

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