With DM-Toys you can temporarily store your desired products in the depot for some time.

This watchlist/bookmark has now been extended significantly in scope, as you can now create several independent lists. To put an article on a watch list, is very simple: In the detail view you will find a matching element directly below the price range. If you have already created individual shopping lists, articles can also be stored on them.

New: without registration

If you only want to use them on one device - and have activated the "Remember settings" option in the right-hand column - you no longer need a customer registration in order to use the shopping lists. We recognize your device using a cookie and automatically activate all your shopping lists and other settings the next time you visit.

Multiple devices

Browse with your mobile phone in our article catalog on the way, remember your favorites and later go back to your PC at home everything again. All you need is a free customer access.

Accessible via menu and in the shopping cart

In the menu "Products" you will find a link to your shopping lists. Just as on the right side of the screen. Just below the shopping cart, there is a section in which all your shopping lists are listed. You can also directly copy or move the current shopping cart with a click into a - freely namable - watch list.

Bookmarked items

What is on one of your shopping lists can be

  • copied/moved from there to the shopping cart
  • copied/moved to any other bookmark list