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With DM-Toys you can temporarily store your desired products in the depot for some time. This watchlist/bookmark is very flexilbe, as you can create several independent lists.

Adding an item to a shopping list is extremely easy: in both the list and detailed view you will find a heart-shaped element right next to the shopping cart button. Clicking on it will add the item to your personal watch list. From there, the entry can be sorted as desired.

You can also add individual items to your shopping cart in the shopping cart.

Without registration

If you only want to use them on one device, you do not need a customer registration to use the watch lists. We recognize your device using a cookie and automatically activate all of your watch lists and other settings the next time you visit. But be careful: the cookies may be recreated - possibly in the event of browser updates or changes to the data protection settings. If you do not register, your settings will unfortunately be deleted.

Multiple devices

Browse with your mobile phone in our article catalog on the way, remember your favorites and later go back to your PC at home everything again. All you need is a free customer access.

Accessible at any time

In the page header you will find a link to your watch lists. Call up your personal watch list or choose to manage the lists.

Bookmarked items

What is on one of your shopping lists can be

  • copied/moved from there to the shopping cart
  • copied/moved to any other bookmark list
  • removed from the list

Management of lists

The watch lists can be separately

  • copied
  • renamed
  • deleted
  • and also (empty) newly created

Watch lists are no longer automatically deleted as soon as they are empty. This makes it easier for regular customers to manage their needs.

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