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WhatsApp channel

Here you will find current product information, background information, important dates and of course exclusive special offers.

Facebook group

Our DM-Toys community on Facebook offers a lively platform for lively exchange and also supports the opportunity to ask questions to the entire community. We also enable a quick exchange of information in the community group.

Youtube channel

Here we offer insights into various topics and areas: new products, trade fair visits, tips and tricks.

Social media and model railways: How DM-Toys connects with WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube

In today's digital era, social media has become an indispensable tool for us as retailers and manufacturers to get in touch with you as a target group and strengthen our brand presence. DM-Toys, as a leading provider of N gauge model trains and accessories, has recognized this dynamic and uses various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube to interact with our model train customers and offer them a unique experience.

WhatsApp channel: Direct communication and customer loyalty

DM-Toys has recognized that WhatsApp is an effective platform for both parties to present N gauge information to you as a customer as easily and quickly as possible. By setting up a WhatsApp channel, you can quickly receive product information and experience interesting background news. This direct communication strengthens our bond and we become a little more approachable to you.

Facebook community group: exchange and engagement

The DM-Toys Facebook community group serves as a meeting place for model train enthusiasts from all over the world. Here you can share your passion, exchange experiences, give tips and find out about the latest products. The group promotes the commitment of all model railway enthusiasts and creates a lively community around the N gauge. There is also interesting information about our own brand Modellbahn Union and occasional competitions and exclusive information.

YouTube Channel: Inspiring content and tutorials

On our YouTube channel we offer inspiring content, tutorials and product presentations that appeal to both experienced model builders and newcomers. Engaging video material brings products to life and gives you valuable insights into their use and functionality. The DM-Toys YouTube channel not only serves as a sales platform, but also as a source of information and inspiration for the model railway community.

Conclusion: Social media as another important means of communication

In today's digital landscape, a strong social media presence is essential for us as model railroad dealers and manufacturers. With your help, we can create a brilliant platform on Facebook to maintain an interesting exchange and continue to promote enthusiasm for the N gauge. New products are posted immediately via our WhatsApp channel and there are always exclusive insights into our model railway world in Issum on YouTube.

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