Search & find products

There are two connected ways to fint the correct product: Search and Filter.


Search field

Terms entered in the search field (1) can yield hits in two ways:

  • Full text search

    The full text search (2) searches all active pages for the entered terms. So in addition to the product pages, the blog and all info pages. Differentiation via control statements (+ / - / * etc.) is possible, as the major search engines use them.
    Advantage: It also finds information that has nothing directly to do with our product database. However, products can not be filtered further / in more detail.

  • Product search

    When searching the search box on "Product search" (2), only the product database is searched for the search term.
    Advantage: The results are displayed directly as a product list and can be filtered further / more detailed , Unfortunately, edge information outside of the database is not found.

Product palette

In the main menu under "Products" (3) you will find the product range from which you can jump directly to a product category. Of course, you can also always show all products (4).

Product Filter

On the left side is on all product lists the filter (5). In addition to the category, manufacturer, scale and some general search criteria, product properties for filtering are shown, which are adapted as far as possible to the already selected filter criteria. Filtering also includes a search term entered in the search field if necessary!

Quantity and sorting of the displayed products

At the top of each product list you can specify how many articles per page should be displayed (6) and also adjust their sorting (7).