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There are two connected ways to fint the correct product: Search and Filter.

Search input

Terms entered in the search field (1) can produce hits in two ways:

  • Quick search

    As soon as you enter a term in the search field, we search for it in the background and - if available - show you a limited number of hits in an overlay (2). In addition to the products that are currently available and can be displayed as a list, information is also given about upcoming new products and products that may not be available at short notice. For the latter two types, you can then use the notification functions, for example.

  • Complete search

    If you start the search by <ENTER> after entering your search term, the overlay will be closed and the list view will appear. You can specify these through further filtering. But be careful: a filter that may have already been set will then apply in addition to the search term.

Product range

"Our N Gauge Products" in the main menu" (3) opens the product range, from which you can jump directly to a product category. Of course, you can also display all products at any time (4).

Product filter

On the left side there is the filter (5) on all product lists. In addition to category, manufacturer, scale and some general search criteria, product properties for filtering are shown here, which are adapted as far as possible to the filter criteria already selected. Any search term entered in the search field is also included in the filtering!

Number and sorting of products shown

At the top of each product list you can specify how many items should be shown per page (6) and also adjust their sorting (7).

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