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Who is DM-Toys?

We are a small company with headquarters in Issum on the Lower Rhine. We have specialized in the wholesale and mail order trade of N gauge items from all over the world, and we also operate our own small production facility in Germany. However, the majority of our goods are manufactured abroad (UK 1:148, USA 1:160, Japan 1:150 and China 1:160).

We have our own comprehensive warehousing. All items you see in the online shop have a green availability point, are in stock and can be delivered immediately. Products that are sold out or no longer available will be removed from the shop and will not be displayed to you.

We do not accept pre-orders for products that will only be released in the future. However, pre-orders are also unnecessary for us. We always order large quantities of all of the manufacturers' new products. When the new products are delivered, they will be advertised in our newsletter and can then be ordered conveniently and safely without waiting. But all other items that you find online are always directly available and in stock in Issum. Many competitors accept orders in advance, often with a deposit, although the delivery date, price and general appearance of the product are often unclear. We do not want to take part in this practice as it often only leads to dissatisfaction on both the customer and the retail side. We therefore ask for your understanding that you will not find some "paper tigers" in our range and hope that our business philosophy can still meet your wishes.

Personal customer service, the aforementioned generous inventory, which usually allows us to ship all products within 24 hours of receipt of payment, as well as an optimized shipping process make shopping with us a pleasure. Benefit from even faster processing by paying via Paypal, Giropay or credit card.

How it develops

Where do we come from? How has it developed over the years? A little history of DM toys.

1st model: The crane

This injection molded model was our step from dealer to manufacturer.

Lasercut & 3D printing

Laser cutting and 3D printing ensure highlights on your system. Both are manufactured by us.

Dealer & Manufacturer

In-house developments by DM-Toys and Modellbahn Union

With our love for N gauge, we always find gaps that we close with our range. Our N scale products are mainly from model railway enthusiasts, model builders, module builders and creative minds who need something for their project that doesn't exist.

The well-known manufacturers do great work, which we would like to complement with our own products. We try to add a little highlight to your system with our products.

Year after year we have of course developed further and can offer you freight wagons as well as accessory products in laser cutting and 3D printing. You can see the attention to detail in our targeted selection.

Our own brand. From Epoch III to the current era, there is something for everyone. Not just here in the shop, but also for the other tracks next to N.

„My personal conclusion: No one needs our 3D printing products, but those who have them will love them! The small details in particular make every system something special. Our lasercut products combine innovation, design and uniqueness. My absolute favorite products are the machine hall (i00041), the gantry crane (B00058) and the trial set for laser cut beginners (A00105). When it comes to our freight wagons, I can't name a favorite because I think all of the wagons are great. The topic of ferry boats really touches me.“

Marcel Hagemann

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