Products in the cart

The cart status

At the top right you can see at any time how many items you have already collected in your shopping cart and at what value (1).

Here you can also select in which country you are planning the delivery (2). Of course, this can also be changed in the shopping cart itself, but has an effect on which products you can currently put into the shopping cart. There is a note (3), within which order period a direct shipment can be made.

From the shopping cart status display you can go on to the shopping cart (4) or directly to the ordering process (5).

From the list view

Each article in the list view shows a small button with a shopping cart.

All our products listed in the shop are available, which is also shown by a suitable identification.

If the article has variants - e.g. digitized - , you can then select the desired variant for the order in the visible selection box. You can already enter a number next to the shopping cart button. This number can later be changed in the shopping cart.

From the detail view

Also in the detail view you will find the shopping cart button on every article. Here is the function by the inscription "Into the shopping cart" even clearer. From the function ago, there is a difference to the list view: You can also note the article on the watch list, instead of placing it directly in the cart.