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The cart status

At the top right you can see at any time how many items you have already collected in your shopping cart (1).

At the top left you can select which country you are planning the delivery to (2). This can of course also be changed in the shopping cart itself, but it has an impact, for example, on which products you can currently put in the shopping cart.

(Mini) shopping cart

Clicking on the shopping cart symbol opens the mini shopping cart, which also allows you to edit the items directly (1). There is a note (2) above indicating the order period within which direct shipping can take place.

If you - for example as a regular customer - already see your delivery country, the desired delivery method and the preferred payment method set here, you can go directly to the checkout area from here (4)! Of course including selection of your bonus item and also if you want to redeem gift vouchers.

At the top, instead of going to the checkout area, you can also switch to the detailed view of the shopping cart (3) in order to make further settings there.

From the list and detail view

Each item in the product views shows a button that can be used to add the item to the shopping cart (1). All of our products listed in the shop are available for delivery, which is also shown by appropriate labeling.

If the item is available in variants - e.g. digitalized - you can select the desired variant for the order in the selection field that is then visible (2).

You can already enter a number to the left of the shopping cart button (3). This number can be changed later in the shopping cart.

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