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LED wagon light cold white economy pack 15x

Schönwitz 01-03-17-07

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CategoriesIlluminaton, Accessoires, Illumination, Rolling stock
Very affordable LED wagon interior lighting in a 15-pack.

Technical specifications:
15 pieces in a production benefit, for easy cutting out.
Luminous color - cool white
Number of LEDs per piece - 8 LEDs
Digital and analogue suitable
Voltage range DC voltage - 4V to 24V
Voltage range AC voltage - 4V to 16V
Power consumption - about 3mA to 115mA
Rotary control for brightness adjustment
Length - 230mm
Width - 7mm
Height - 3mm
Distance of the LEDs - 30mm
Ideal for track sizes - N / TT / H0
In 7 areas separation possibilities
Possibility of connecting a buffer capacitor to the terminals + and -

Your transformer, wheel grinder contact, decoder output or live coupling is soldered to the input of the bridge rectifier. This is the big black part at the beginning of the lighting. The entrance is marked with the two waves ~ ~. The polarity is not relevant here.

Brightness adjustment via the small knob with a watchmaker's screwdriver. Observe limit stop and turn carefully! Clockwise makes it lighter, counterclockwise darker.

A capacitor can be connected to the + and - terminals. It is important to choose a voltage range that corresponds to your input voltage.

The wagon light can be separated in the free bare areas between the buffer capacitor terminals + -. The remaining pieces can be connected via the connections + - z. B. be used as house lighting. The board edge of the production benefit can be carefully separated from the 15 wagon lights with flat-nose pliers or fingers. The places are pre-perforated.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!