Daimler Dingo 23rd Armoured Brigade

Manufacturer, no.Oxford NDSC001
5.99 EUR
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Categories Vehicles Military, Epoch II III IV

Diecast model, plastic & metal, comes ready assembled and painted in a nice display box


This is a crossover from the 1:76 scale Oxford military series, appearing in exactly the same livery for 1:148 scale enthusiasts. Decorated in drab olive green and dark grey camouflage effect to the sides with a dark grey roof, the interior is also moulded in olive green with a black steering wheel.  The canvas back and bodywork are painted in drab olive green with brown camouflage markings and brown roof.  The rope ‘ties’ are cleverly printed in beige to achieve a realistic effect. Another spot of realism sees the rear canopy windows masked to show clear plastic moulding.

CategoriesVehicles, Military
EpochII, III, IV

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!