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Micro Crystal Clear Microscale MI-9

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CategoriesAccessoires, Tree / green, Paint / tools
Micro Kristal Klear is the insider tip in model making - no other product achieves such a big difference in the appearance of your models.

Micro Kristal Klear is a liquid, pack size 28 grams, that you can use to create very realistic looking small windows up to about 6mm in size and it can also be used to attach clear plastic parts. The advantages of Micro Kristal Klear is that clear parts can be attached to painted parts without a visible splice and the color shows through at the joints giving a very realistic look.
- quick and easy to apply and becomes absolutely clear
- Water soluble before drying and waterproof afterwards
- during drying it loses its milky white color and becomes clear

In addition, Micro Kristal Klear is the solution for a super strong and flexible bond for wood, plastic, paper or most other combinations.

Tip for making small windows: To make small windows, dip a toothpick into the thick liquid and draw a line all over the edges. Then hold the toothpick as flat as possible to the opening, then pull it across the opening from one side to the other side. Thus you form a bubble which forms a very thin, true to scale, rigid and flexible window. The drying takes about 15 minutes and becomes noticeably clearer. The model should stand still while it is drying so that the sensitive membrane does not tear.

In our blog you will find an interesting video about how Micro Kristal Klear works !

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!