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Freight car set refrigerator car ÖBB RCA Ep.VI 2-piece

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Mabar 86513

Freight car set refrigerator car ÖBB RCA Ep.VI 2-piece
92.90 EUR
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Technische Daten
CategoriesRolling stock, Freight car
Railway companyÖBB
Electrical systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CouplerSchacht NEM 355 mit KK-Kinematik
Quarter first delivery3/2022
Length over buffer (mm)105mm
Two Hbbills-uy type refrigerated wagons, ÖBB / Rail Cargo Austria Ep.VI

Company numbers: 022 and 023

- Detailed execution
- Finescale accessories
- LüP 105mm per carriage
- Shaft NEM 355 with KK kinematics
more Info
SBB Hbbills-uy 21 85 247 1 000 - 149

In 2002 and 2003, the SBB procured a total of 150 two-axle, insulated sliding wall wagons of the Hbbills-uy type from Graaff Transportsysteme in Germany. All wagons are equipped with a heating/cooling unit for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

The wagons are mainly used to transport groceries from the wholesalers Coop and Migros as well as Nestlé. When it was delivered in 2002, car 001 had a Migros advertising address. At times, the wagons are also used to transport bananas from Bremerhaven to Switzerland.

In 2005, 30 identical wagons were built for RailCargoAustria, but with a different heating/cooling unit, which can only be operated stationary via an electrical connection.

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