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Zeche hanging bench with winding tower

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Modellbahn Union N-i00066

Zeche hanging bench with winding tower
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Hanging bench is an old mining term. In pre-industrial mining, after the transition to underground mining, ore was hauled to the surface from simple winch shafts. Baskets, barrels or buckets made of wood were used as conveyor vessels. These were "attached" to the hoisting cable underground and set down above ground in order to "knock them off" the cable again. The hanging bench with its winding tower is inspired by those in the former Zollern and Minister Achenbach colliery. The steel and brick design of the hanging bench is typical of architecture around 1900. The model has three unloading points located under the building. The building itself stands on steel columns, giving the whole an open, non-solid appearance. With its airy steel construction, the winding tower is a typical example of a strut framework that can still be seen in many places. Our model has a movable sheave.

With the extension set MU_N-i00071, the hanging bench and machine house can be coupled and motorized.
Technische Daten
CategoriesBuilding, Factories
EpochI, II, III, IV, V, VI
Quarter first delivery4/2022
Dimensions (LxWxH)253 x 90 x 275 mm
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The kits are made using the latest laser technology in a prototypical manner. Production takes place entirely in Germany at Modellbahn Union / DM-Toys in Issum. All components are cut from cardboard or wood with high precision in different thicknesses and enable quick assembly. The surfaces of the buildings are laser engraved. With this method, the surface is absolutely realistic in terms of both color and scale. The wall elements are partially serrated lasered and can simply be inserted into each other and glued. Attractive packaging and detailed building instructions complete the new product series.




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