Panzer M577 command vehicle with tent

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The M577 is a lightly armored command vehicle based on the M113. The U.S. development is used in dozens of different ways (except for minor conversions, the number of which is unmanageable) in more than fifty states. In addition to the original concept as an armored personnel carrier (MTW), depending on the variant, it fulfills a wide variety of functions as a fire control tank or mobile command post and is a weapon carrier as, among other things, an armored personnel carrier, anti-aircraft tank, rocket-hunting tank or flamethrower tank. In addition to military users, American SWAT units, fire departments and sheriffs also procured the M113 as an emergency vehicle. It can be air-loaded with the C-130 Hercules and in the basic version it is capable of being parachuted and amphibious. (Source Wikipedia)

The highly detailed, unpainted model was produced in 3D printing and can be processed and painted with standard tools and colors (e.g. with Revell Email or Revell Aqua Color).

CategoriesVehicles, Military
EpochIII, IV, V, VI

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!