Truck MAN Kat1 tipper

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The MAN gl or MAN mil gl is a special military development of an all-terrain truck for the Bundeswehr. The MAN series, introduced under the name mil gl (for militarized all-terrain), is in use in all armed forces of the Bundeswehr. The militarization includes a separate from the normal lighting camouflaged light (front headlamps, camouflage and brake light and the cross-over), military arrangement of instrumentation with camouflage, an emergency stop switch to shut off the power supply, a roof hatch with Drehringlafette and rifle mounts. The vehicles belong to category I (CAT I) of the military special developments and are therefore completely off-road. The vehicles of the payload class 5 t, 7 t, 10 t CAT I belong to the second generation (subsequent generation). Many times the vehicles are known by the term "5-, 7-, 10-tonner", this designates the military payload class. In addition to the German Armed Forces and the German Technical Relief Agency (THW), other armed forces, organizations and states use the MAN gl in various variants.

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The highly detailed, unpainted model was produced in 3D printing and can be processed and painted with standard tools and colors (eg with Revell Email or Revell Aqua Color).

CategoriesVehicles, Truck, Military
EpochIV, V

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!