SLT 50 Elephant Truck - unpainted

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The heavy goods vehicles (SLT) Elefant, Franziska and Mammut are military special developments of the Bundeswehr and are used in the repair, transport and logistics battalions of the divisions and corps as well as the armed forces base. The heavy goods vehicle "Elefant" is one of the second generation vehicles. The tractor unit 50-2 is powered by a water-cooled Mercedes-Benz diesel engine located behind the cab. The power is distributed over a converter transmission on all four axles, the first two are designed as steering axle. The semi-trailer with a total payload of 52 t has a loading area of 7800 × 3150 mm; Its height can be hydraulically adjusted by + 100 / -80 mm. The hydraulic-mechanical control of the four axles depends on the bending angle between tractor and semitrailer and takes place via the so-called "sliding block" of the semitrailer.

The highly detailed, unpainted kit was produced using the 3D printing process and can be processed and painted with standard tools and colors (eg with Revell Email or Revell Aqua Color). The model weighs only a few grams and is therefore ideally suited for loading on N gauge wagons.

At Wikipedia there is a detailed documentation of the role model.

CategoriesVehicles, Truck, Military
EpochIV, V, VI

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!