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Modellbahn Union N-H00052

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CategoriesBuilding, Factories, Accessoires
EpochI, II, III, IV, V, VI
Quarter first delivery3/2017
Dimensions (LxWxH)115 x 90 x 70 mm
The tannery from Moers

The tannery “Bremer” one can see here, was situated in the center of the town Moers until 1976, where it was in use until 1973. In 1796 it was first built at another place. In the course of the centuries the procedure did not change much. The machines became more advanced and were first powered with steam and later with electricity. The museum shows the original machines, roof structure, and drying room. The brick house itself is a reconstruction.

The most important requirement for tanning is – next to space for vats, skins and leather – the access to water. That is why tanneries could usually be found close to rivers or small streams. Due to the odor nuisance tanneries were usually built on the outskirts of towns or in special districts only for tanneries. Inside the tannery, you can see here, the exhibition illustrates the development from the sheer handwork with a fleshing knife and wooden beam to the first industrial productions with the help of steam-power.

Did you know that…
… the production of leather was a lot of work in the past? The tanners – that is how the people who made the leather were called – produced the leather in a big workplace in many steps. First the tanner had to remove the fur from the skin of the cow, goat or sheep. Then he placed the skin in a vat with tree bark. The ingredients of the bark transformed the skin after many weeks to leather. Then the people could use this to make shoes, saddles or bags from it.
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The kits are made true to the original using the latest laser technology. The production takes place completely in Germany with Modellbahn Union / DM-Toys in Issum. All components are cut from cardboard or wood with high precision in different thicknesses and allow a quick setup. The surfaces of the buildings are laser-engraved. By this method, the surface is absolutely realistic both in color and in scale. The wall elements are partly toothed lasered and can easily be plugged together and glued. Attractive packaging and detailed construction instructions complete the new product line.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!