Freight car set no. 2

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Manufacturer, no.Modellbahn Union N-G99031
CategoryRolling stock

Categories Rolling stock Freight car, Epoch III IV V VI

Small series handmade model in a limited edition of only 10 sets.

Until the end of the 20st century molds played a major role in steelmaking. The still liquid steel was poured into special molds, the molds, which were transported on special platforms. After the steel had solidified, the molds could be pulled upwards by means of a stripper crane. The hardened steel could then be further processed in rolling mills.

Our models are made in the 3D printing process and painted and aged in the finest handcraft in Germany. The wagons are not suitable for fast driving around a facility, but are meant as mobile models in a steelworks or steelworks. The three cars are firmly coupled. On the outside are NEM couplings with which the cars can be hung behind a locomotive.

The edition of the first series is limited to 10, further series with additional operating numbers are in the planning.

Please note that resin models are more fragile than plastic and must be handled with care.

CategoriesRolling stock, Freight car
EpochIII, IV, V, VI
Railway companyDB
Elektrisches systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CouplerStandart Kupplung NEM 356
Min. radius (mm)192mm

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!