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impregnation kettle Modellbahn Union N-A00676

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An impregnation kettle is used, for example, to impregnate wood with creosote under high pressure. In the old method (Rüpping method), the wood is enclosed in a container, which is then filled with compressed air. The wood is then soaked with heated tar oil under increased pressure. After the pressure is released, the air forced into the wood expands and expels the creosote not absorbed by the wood cells, which is completed by a vacuum. This ensures that the cells of the wood are completely saturated with creosote. In the modern process, a strong vacuum is first created in the boiler. The boiler is then flooded with a protective agent solution while maintaining the vacuum. This is pressed deep into the wood under high pressure. After depressurizing the boiler and draining the solution, the wood is removed from the boiler.

The highly detailed, unpainted model was produced using the 3D printing process and can be processed and painted with standard tools and paints (e.g. with Revell Email or Revell Aqua Color).
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Our accessories are manufactured on one of the most modern printers using the stereolithography process (SLA). Here, a light-curing plastic (resin) is cured by a laser in thin layers (standard layer thickness in the range 0.05-0.025 mm) and a very detailed model is created.

After the uncured resin has drained off, the model is removed from the platform, washed and fully cured in a cabinet under UV light. The accessories can be processed and painted with standard tools and colors.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!