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LZV200 control panel incl. Power amplifier and global RailCom detector Lenz 20200

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Instead of jumping on new trends, we have so far pursued new developments consistently and introduced as an update in the existing system. Now we take the next step and bring the new version of the well-known control panel / amplifier combination LZV100: like the LZV100, the LZV200 also combines the data processing and the amplification of the signal. Of course, the LZV200 also meets the requirements and conditions for operating the model railway. If required, the track voltage between 11 and 22 volts can be set, a maximum of 5 amps output current are available. At higher load, the safety circuit switches off.
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We have shown the future new features and functions in bold

  • Locomotive addresses: 9,999 addresses for digital locomotives. Address 0 for an analog locomotive
  • Locomotive names : Locomotive names (max. 8 characters) can be stored in the data memory of the LZV200.
  • Locomotive functions and configuration : Up to 29 functions are available per locomotive address.
    For functions 1 to 28 you can set separately whether it should be a permanent or a momentary function. This setting is saved to the locomotive address.
  • Function names : function names such as "bell", "whistle" etc. can also be stored in the memory.
  • Speed steps : The speed step modes 28 and 128 are supported. The speed step mode can be set separately for each locomotive address.
  • Double and multiple traction (MTR) : Two or more locomotives can be combined and controlled together. To manage the MTR, the LZV200 has an internal database in which it is entered for each locomotive address whether and, if so, in which MTR the relevant locomotive address is integrated. This database can be queried and changed by XpressNet participants.
  • RailCom : the built-in global RailCom detector will enable the RailCom data of all locomotives that are in the supply area of the LZV200 to be received. From other supply areas (eg LV102) the RailCom data is forwarded to the LZV200 with the RailCom transmitter and can be processed there.
  • RailComPlus : The LZV200 is being prepared to process the RailComPlus information.
  • Programming during operation (PoM) : You program the properties of a locomotive decoder while the locomotive is somewhere on the layout. For example, drive your locomotive in front of a heavy freight train and adapt the start-up delay to the train!
    The content of CVs can also be read out and displayed via the built-in global RailCom detector (if the addressed locomotive decoder is able to do so).
  • Programming on the programming track : All 3 programming variants according to NMRA are available with the LZV200:
  • Programming with specification of the CV, register programming and page mode.
  • Solenoid items : We will expand the address range for solenoid items (switches, signals) to 1 to 2048.
    The real turnout feedback is possible in the range from 1 to 256.
  • AUTO mode : This mode ensures that the locomotives are supplied with the stored data again after switching on your system. If this mode is switched on, the movement commands for the above locomotive addresses are saved and sent after switching on. The information of functions F0 to F4 is also sent.
  • XpressNet : Communication with the input devices is established via the XpressNet connection. The automatic forwarding of messages from components with feedback capability via XpressNet to connected devices means extremely fast feedback. The LZV200 supports XpressNet devices from version 3.
  • Output current : The output current of the built-in amplifier is limited to a maximum of 5A.
  • Protective functions : thermal overload protection and external voltage protection.
  • Housing : metal

    This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!