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universal switching decoder WD-10 Kuehn WD10

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Finally available again!

The new universal switching decoder from kuehn-digital is one of the most modern, most convenient digital receivers currently available on the model railway market. The number of its possibilities is almost unbelievably diverse and yet it can be easily adjusted to the desired application. The Kühn company also placed great value on an understandable price.

The switching decoder has 2 output groups, each with 8 switching outputs. The desired operating mode can be selected separately for each of the two output groups.
In turnout mode, up to 8 turnouts or 16 uncoupling tracks can be switched. The pulse duration of the outputs can be set individually for each turnout.
In the light signal mode, in addition to two-aspect light signals (red/green), light signals with several signal aspects can also be controlled. Of course, the signal images are slowly dimmed up and down.
The lighting mode is provided with extensive setting options - a wide variety of lighting effects such as construction site lighting, advertising lighting and house lighting can be selected and adjusted.

The switching decoder can be powered by the digital system or by an external power supply. In the decoder, the digital input and the external power supply are galvanically isolated by means of an optocoupler.

The decoder supports all common DCC programming methods (physical, paged CV or direct CV addressing) on a programming track. The feedback is provided by an electronic "load" in the switching decoder. It is not necessary to connect a consumer (e.g. a switch). When installed, the decoder can be configured using "Programming on the Main". Thanks to RailCom, all settings of the decoder can also be read when it is installed. Alternatively, the address setting of the decoder and the selection of the operating mode can also be carried out by pressing the programming button on the WD10.
The operating status of each output group is indicated by an LED.

Technical data:Operating modes: DCC format, Motorola format, automatic recognition and switching of operating modes RailCom (bidirectional communication in DCC format)
two groups with 8 outputs per group max. 1.0 A, integrated short-circuit protection
Total load of the switching decoder 1.8A
Power supply: by digital system or external power supply (12-18V AC/DC)
Dimensions: 83 x 76 x 24.7mm

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!