JR Shinkansen 923 Dr.Yellow 7-pcs

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Manufacturer, no.Kato 10896
CategoryRolling stock
inlcuded no: K10-896 und K10-897

Train Model N Scale JR Shinkansen Doctor Yellow
JR Shinkansen Series 923-3000 Inspection Car "Doctor Yellow"  7 Cars FULL Set

Consists of powered car - Car 2
Working head and tail lights - Car 1 & Car 7
Equipped with flywheel drive
Minimum radius is R315
Equipped with a lighting on the pantograph like the prototype

Car 1: Type 923-3001
Car 2: Type 923-3002 (with motor)
Car 3: Type 923-3003
Car 4: Type 923-3004
Car 5: Type 923-3005
Car 6: Type 923-3006
Car 7: Type 923-3007

CategoriesRolling stock, Locomotive, electric
Railway companyJapan

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!