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Passenger car set Suha 44 series Limited Express Hato 7 pieces Kato 10-1659

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CategoriesRolling stock, Passenger car
EpochIII, IV
Railway companyJapan
Electrical systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CouplerHauseigene Kupplung
Quarter first delivery1/2021
Min. radius (mm)192mm
The prestigious limited express train "Hato", which ran on the Tokaido mainline, appeared the following year after the resurrection of the limited express train "Heiwa" (later "Tsubame") in 1949. As did "Tsubame" which ran at 9 o'clock from Tokyo and Osaka is followed, "Hato" has a schedule that leaves at 12:30 pm from both stations. The electrified section was run by EF58, and the non-electrified section was run by C62, which served as intercity transport. The Mite 58 used in the "Hato" observation vehicle was characterized by a modern appearance with a dome and no body rivets.

The formation contains the observation car Mite 58 2, and we recommend the large window tea of the type C62 Tokai and F58 of the early type as a towing machine.

- A prototype of a Shinagawa Passenger Car Ward car circa 1955. Reproduce the appearance of grape color # 1. ite Mite 58 2 is commercialized for the first time. If the official side deck is closed, reproduce the appearance from there on the roof fan Mayte 58 2 observation deck side of the taillights and the rear marker lighting reproduce the difference in the window arrangement of the series 0 and 100 of Su Ro 60. For each vehicle, both notations have been printed as the vehicle number . Target Sabo "Osaka line" printed
The connecting part on the locomotive side of the Suhani 35 is equipped with an Arnold coupling as standard (replacement kingpin coupling included). Other vehicles use the KATO coupler N JP. The stern marking is provided with "Tsubame" and "Hato". Target Sabo "Tokyo Line" and "Tsubame" Sabo etc. are included on the target display sticker.

Optional interior lighting Kato 11-213 and 11-214

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!