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car NSU Sport Prinz green beige / wine red 2x

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Herpa 065757-003

car NSU Sport Prinz green beige / wine red 2x

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He was called "Schwänchen", the sports prince introduced by NSU in 1958. It is a classic coupé with two seats. At the back there is only a thin board with an equally thin padding, the so-called emergency seat. It is similar in appearance to the Wankel Spider, but has a fixed roof that could optionally be equipped with a sliding roof. In contrast to the Wankel spider, it does not have the typical air inlet slots, since the Prinz engine is not water-cooled like the Wankel engine. The chassis and engine were first adopted by the Prinz I / II, then from 1961 onwards by the Prinz 4. Originally, the performance-enhanced 30 hp engine was intended exclusively for the Sport-Prinz, but after a few months it was also offered in the Prinz 30 limousine .

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EpochIII, IV

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