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Fleischmann 890181

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CategoriesRolling stock, Freight car
EpochV, VI
Railway companySBB
Model. The triple LED headlight and the red rear end light switch because of the integrated DCC decoder in the direction of travel in analogue as well as digital mode. Prototype: The passenger wagons of the SBB and different private railways for the national traffic are being called standard wagons (EW). After the rather mixed experiences with the standard wagons III the wagon industry together with the SBB developed the new standard wagon IV which were initially painted in a green-stone grey livery which was changed later to ICN livery. They show construction features of the Corail wagons of the SNCF as well as of the Eurofima wagons which the SBB also requisitioned. In 1981, 40 of the airconditioned 1st class standard wagons IV were delivered. In 1983, 2nd class wagons (which had eleven windows between the doors - relating to eleven fictious compartments) and dining cars were added. Between 1995 and 1998 300 standard wagons IV were enabled to serve in commuter trains. The newly requisitioned driving trailers Bt IC were constructed on the basis of the SBB-EuroCity-Wagons Apm and Bpm.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!