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Locomotive stay-alive capacitor unit

Fichtelbahn 100120

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Quarter first delivery2/2021
In the event of contact problems, e.g. on a switch, a digital locomotive stops quickly if it cannot safely draw power. Help can be found with the help of an energy store.
This buffer supplies the motor and decoder with the required power for a short time.

Operation on all locomotive / vehicle decoders with capacitor, buffer memory connections or internal decoder voltages.
With soft start protection against booster switch-off
max. 18V track voltage / driving voltage
The decoder remains programmable
Low heat generation through the use of the latest technologies
23mm x 9mm - can be shortened to 9mm x 9mm with 300µF
2.5mm high with 400µF - expandable to 4.5mm high at 900µF

Dimensions [mm] (at 400µF) 23 * 9 * 2.5
Capacitor voltage max. 20V
Capacitance 0.4 mF / 400µF
Max. Driving voltage max. 18V

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!