Bus-System Power-Chassis WBML2 Citaro

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Manufacturer, no.Faller 976297

Categories Vehicles Bus, Epoch V VI

The functionality of the bus system:
- a magnet inside the bus detects a steering wire under the roadway
- the bus is simply driven by turning on the Power, at 2 speeds
- the front wheels perform a realistic steering movement
- the power-chassis of the bus take's speed by set the charge of a magnetic sensor, responsive to magnets under the roadway automatically.
- by loosening a screw on the chassis, you can set the wheelbase between 29 - 38 mm
- the Lithium-Ion-battery is fitted in the bus which can be loaded via a USB cable

CategoriesVehicles, Bus
EpochV, VI

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!