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SwitchPilot 3 Servo 8-fold servo decoder DCC/MM OLED with RC feedback updateable ESU 51832

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SwitchPilot 3 servo decoders are optimized for stationary use on your layout and can control up to eight RC servo drives. In order to simplify the configuration, which was previously rather cumbersome with solenoid decoders, the SwitchPilot 3 Servo has an innovative operating concept consisting of a 4-line, illuminated OLED display and three input buttons.

operating modes
The SwitchPilot 3 Servo is multi-protocol capable and can be used with command stations based on the Märklin® Motorola® system (e.g. 6021, Central Station® or Mobile Station®) as well as DCC-capable command stations. The configuration can take place on the main track as well as on the programming track. Thanks to RailCom®, CVs can also be read out.

The SwitchPilot 3 Servo can be powered either directly from the digital system or from an external DC or AC voltage source. The SwitchPilot 3 Servo has eight outputs for controlling RC servo drives. He can control these drives so precisely that, in addition to switching points, any other slow motion sequences can be controlled with them. The SwitchPilot 3 servo has built-in switch-on pulse suppression to eliminate or reduce the system-related "twitching" of RC servos when the supply voltage is applied. Furthermore, the power supply to the servo can be switched off to prevent "hum" from some inexpensive servos. Each of the eight servos can be operated either in “digital mode” or in “proportional mode”, which was introduced for the first time with the SwitchPilot 3 servo: In digital mode, the servo can move to two end positions “A” and “B”, depending on the switching position on the Control panel. The position of the two end positions and the speed at which the servo moves in the desired direction can be set individually on the SwitchPilot 3 servo. The digital mode is perfect for switching points or signals that should always remain in a fixed position. In proportional mode, the servo can move and stop at any position within the “A” and “B” end positions. The servo only runs as long as the control panel sends a command. When the button is released, the servo stops. This way you can stop a servo in any desired position. The servo speed can be set individually. Proportional mode is ideal for (water) cranes or engine shed gates or any other application where intermediate positions are required. In addition to the end positions and the rotational speeds, it can be determined for each servo whether it should bounce when it reaches the end position. Furthermore, in order to adapt to the different RC servos on the market, the generation of the servo impulse can be influenced or the power supply of each servo can be switched off individually. In this way, inexpensive so-called analog servos as well as modern digital servos (with microcontroller) are optimally controlled.

analog operation
A special feature of the SwitchPilot 3 servo is that it can be used without a digital command station: up to 16 buttons can be connected to switch the servos directly if required.

Set to
The SwitchPilot 3 servo can be set flexibly either on the programming track with DCC centers or on the main track with POM (“Programming on Main”) or also read out using RailCom® CVs. If desired, it also learns the addresses directly via a programming button. Of course, the easiest way is to use the integrated OLED display and the three input buttons: All (!) settings can be checked directly on the decoder and changed if desired. "Programming" with the help of your control center is not required. It really couldn't be easier. The ESU LokProgrammer can be used for firmware updates.

As with our locomotive decoders, the outputs of the SwitchPilot 3 Servo are largely protected against overload. We want you to be able to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!