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SwitchPilot 3 4-way solenoid accessory decoder DCC / MM OLED with RC feedback can be updated ESU 51830

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SwitchPilot 3 decoders are optimized for stationary use on your layout and can switch conventional double-coil turnout drives, light signals, magnetic decouplers, light bulbs or other stationary consumers. In order to simplify the rather cumbersome configuration with solenoid decoders, the SwitchPilot 3 has an innovative operating concept consisting of a 4-line, illuminated OLED display and three input buttons.

Operating modes
The SwitchPilot 3 is multi-protocol capable and can be used with central units based on the Märklin® Motorola® system (e.g. 6021, Central Station® or Mobile Station®) as well as DCC-capable central units. The configuration can take place on the main track as well as on the programming track. Thanks to RailCom®, CVs can also be read out.

The SwitchPilot 3 can be supplied either directly from the digital system or from an external DC or AC voltage source. It has a total of 8 transistor outputs, which are grouped in the 4 output pairs 1 to 4. Each output pair contains two outputs (OutA and OutB) and can be configured individually for the desired application: In pulse mode, the output is switched on as soon as a switching command is received. The fact that the output switches off automatically as soon as the time stored in the decoder has expired prevents the solenoid drives from burning out. In momentary operation (K83-compatible) the output remains active as long as the button on the control panel is pressed. This operating mode is suitable for point machines with limit switches or for decoupling tracks. In bistable continuous operation (k84-compatible) the two outputs are switched on and off alternately: When you press the first button (red) on the control panel, output Out A is switched on. It remains active until output Out B of the same output group is activated by pressing the assigned button (green). Out A and Out B behave like a toggle switch. In alternating flashing mode, the outputs Out A and Out B of an output pair are switched on alternately with an adjustable flashing frequency. The alternating flasher is started with the command "Straight / Green" of the assigned button and stopped again with the command "Branch / Red". Optionally, the output can also be slowly faded in and out (so-called “zoom” for light bulb simulation). With the operating mode switch of the SwitchPilot 3, you can switch all output pairs together in the operating mode "k83" or "k84", regardless of how they are configured.

Since the SwitchPilot 3 is RailCom®-capable, all settings can be read out and changed directly when installed if required. In connection with an ECoS as the ideal "partner", the SwitchPilot 3 can record and display the actual turnout position if the turnout drives are appropriately prepared. At last you can be certain that your turnout has switched correctly!

To adjust
The SwitchPilot 3 can be flexibly set either on the programming track with DCC centers or on the main track with POM ("Programming on Main") or can also be read out using RailCom® CVs. If required, he can learn the addresses directly via a programming button. The easiest setting is of course with the integrated OLED display and the three input buttons: All (!) Settings can be checked directly on the decoder and changed if desired. "Programming" with the help of your control center is not necessary. It really couldn't be easier. The ESU LokProgrammer can be used for firmware updates.

As with our locomotive decoders, the outputs of the SwitchPilot 3 are largely protected against overload. We want you to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!