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Goldcap Kondensator 0,22F 5,5V RM10 d11,5x5mm 1x

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Diverse IT-006868

Goldcap Kondensator 0,22F 5,5V RM10 d11,5x5mm 1x
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The perfect condenser for interior lighting on N gauge passenger cars. The condenser is so small that it finds its place in every N gauge car. In conventional indoor lighting with incandescent lamps, the capacitor prevents any flickering. With current LED interior lighting, the condenser even ensures afterglow of 30 - 60 seconds, depending on the power consumption of the LED interior lighting.

Goldcap capacitor 0.22F 5.5V RM10 d11.5x5mm DX-5R5H224U

Technical specifications:
- Capacitor: Goldcap type / double layer capacitor
- Type: Radial (standard)
- Capacity [F]: 0,22 F
- tolerance: -20 ... + 80%
- Voltage [VDC]: 5.5V
- Temperature: 70 ° C
- Service life: 1000 h

Physical data:
- pitch: 10
- Diameter: 11.5 mm
- height: 5 mm
Technische Daten
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