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Doehler & Haass Rückmelder

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Our newly developed feedback replaces our previous occupancy detector. It takes over the most important features of its predecessor: 8 track sections, occupancy information in conjunction with all digital systems, adjustable release delay, updating capability. Unlike its predecessor, which only enabled the SX1 locomotive number feedback in conjunction with the FCC digital center and our power packs, our new transmitter now supports SX1 locomotive number reporting with almost any digital system capable of delivering SX1 data packets on the track. In addition, DCC locomotive addresses can also be reported back by RailCom®-capable decoders if there is a cutout on the track. Our feedback sensor has a galvanic isolation between the track sections and the SX bus connection, allowing, for example, the construction of an independent feedback system together with a competitor's digital system.

Product features and functions:
- Occupancy detector for eight track sections
- Suitable for two- and three-wire track systems
- MOSFET technology allows parallel operation with unbalance braking distances
- Adjustable release delay
- Can be used in conjunction with all digital systems
- Allows the setup of an independent feedback system parallel to the already existing one
- Digital system (even if it comes from competitors)
- Three modes:
- 1. Only busy message
- 2. Occupancy message and SX1 locomotive number confirmation
- Compatible with the previous D & H occupancy detector and DigiRail occupancy detector 8i
- Feedback from up to four locomotive addresses per track section
- 3. Occupancy message, SX1 locomotive number confirmation and RailCom® feedback
- Feedback from broadcast loco addresses (Channel 1)
- Feedback from loco addresses (Channel 2)
- Feedback of the CV values returned by the decoder
- Feedback of the feedback from the decoder actual speed
Feedback from the decoder feedback signal quality
- Adjustable sensitivity (400µA, 2mA, 10mA)
- Simultaneous evaluation on all eight track sections in both polarities (no round robin)
- Very low voltage drop through the use of state-of-the-art technologies
- Galvanic isolation between SX bus connection and siding
- Prepared for SX2 locomotive feedback
- SX bus connection with DIN and shielded RJ45 sockets (enables cost-effective looping of the SX bus with Ethernet patch cables)
- Update capability of the feedback

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!