Wagon covered, GOS 253 Peugeot Talbot DB Ep. IV

Manufacturer, no.Brawa 67802
CategoryRolling stock
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Categories Rolling stock Freight car, Epoch IV

Company number: 21 80 141 4 418-8

- Finest printing and painting
- Short coupling kinematics according to NEM standard
- Genuine replica of the brake system on the car floor
- wheels made of metal
- Prototypical structure of the frame
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Prototype Information:
On the basis of the UIC unit car Gmhs 53, the DB developed a car that was about 2 m longer, which otherwise also met the UIC specifications in all equipment features. In contrast to its output type, he already had the newly standardized 2 m wide loading door. The UIC could not yet agree on a larger standard design at this time, this followed later in the form of the Glmms 61st Thus, the Glm (e) hs 50 designated car was only slightly longer than the large-scale G-cars of the prewar period, which already caused a lot of controversy at the time of the construction. Even at that time, a car with a loading length of at least 12.5 m was required, so that the enlargement of the cargo hold did not go far enough for many, while others felt that they had moved too far away from the UIC requirements. Despite all these circumstances, around 12,000 cars were built from 1953 to 1958 - until 1954 still with wooden walls, then with slab walls. Around a quarter of all cars received a handbrake, initially with the characteristic Blechbremserhaus. At least 700 wagons received an electric heating cable to run in express trains in passenger trains. Some wagons were rented out on a long-term basis and received advertisements from the respective company. By the mid-70s, the wagons were eliminated with wooden walls or were fitted with slab walls. Since 1965 the Glm (s) hs 50 have been designated as Gbrs (-v) 245. In 1980, after the heating pipes were mostly omitted, the renumbering to Gos (-uv) 245 took place. In the 80s then began to reduce the stock, but larger stocks were sold to the DR. In 1997 there were still 35 cars in stock, the last three were retired in 2000.

CategoriesRolling stock, Freight car
Railway companyDB
Elektrisches systemSpur N 2-Leiter Gleichstrom
CouplerSchacht NEM 355 mit KK-Kinematik
Length over buffer (mm)78mm

This model is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years!