Long-awaited function at DM-Toys now realized

We always come up with something new for you. Therefore, from now on there is the possibility of a service notification for your favorite N-gauge novelties that have not yet been delivered!

For a long time, we as a team thought back and forth about showing innovations from us or other manufacturers on our site for you. But we have always come to the conclusion that we want to offer our customers the best service. This primarily means sending your order on the same day (if payment is received before the end of the timer)! New products that have not been delivered cannot be sent and, in our opinion, cannot be sold, but only when the manufacturer has delivered the day of delivery. In addition, under the circumstances known to us, we always find a mandatory reservation to be very joyless.

For these reasons, we have come up with the best service for you for N gauge innovations! You will find a list of the new products from many of our suppliers that are not yet available on our “Announced products” page. If you are logged in, you can fill out your list of new products by clicking on “Notify me when available”. Immediately after the products arrive, you will receive a one-time service e-mail in which the available innovations are listed directly with a link to the product. Your notification list does not represent an obligation for either party. After the notification, you can check whether you want the product and, ideally, add other products from your wish list or our offer, so that you save any shipping costs and CO². We will not sell the "pig in a poke" in the future either, so we will continue to personally photograph and assess N gauge innovations and only then set them to be available for order. This means that you can be informed without obligation as soon as the desired model is available.

At the same time, the last two years have shown us that standard products such as rails can sometimes not be available for an unpredictable time. That is why we decided to give standard products that will definitely be produced again the same function. These products have the note: "This article is currently unavailable" and will be maintained in a separate list after the notification has been activated in your customer account so that you always receive a structured overview. Of course, you will also receive a one-time corresponding service e-mail here after it has arrived.

Of course, the products that are now available or that are available again will disappear from your list as soon as we have sent you the service e-mail with the notice that you have no effort whatsoever.

Of course, our well-known product view and the DM-Toys philosophy are not disturbed by this. It is important to us that you only find products that can be delivered on your normal shopping tour and that you do not have to wait for any of the models you have ordered.

Finally, we would like to mention that we will only advertise deliverable products in future newsletters. We also ask you to look up delivery dates on the supplier's homepage or to inquire about them.

We hope that this function will make it easier for you to browse and shop with us and wish you continued fun with our shared hobby!