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Le Rail d’Or 2023

1st place in the accessories category N gauge

Our product developer Joep Stienen has shown exactly the right instinct for the industrial topic of the mine, as there is a lack of such a special mine in N gauge. As every year, our product manager for rolling stock Heiko Stoll made his way to beautiful Alsace to represent Joep Stienen. Le Train magazine awards the Le Rail d’Or every year. This is the counterpart to the “Golden Track / Model of the Year”. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the readers and voters of the largest French model railway magazine for winning this year.

The large mine project is constantly being developed further, as the demand for our individual products actually corresponds to a profit on the model of the year. A large part of the success may probably be the fact that you as a model builder have the opportunity to freely design the individual projects. We have created several individual products that you can order freely depending on your needs. As the main set we have the hanging bench with conveyor tower (i00066), but there is also the conveyor tower under item no. i00067 also individually, as well as the expansion set for motorizing the winding tower. The appropriate nacelle for the winding tower can be ordered additionally, but some customers may already have a similar building, no space or order it as required using the item number. i00070 after.

Due to the sales success, we have already implemented other suitable projects that fit the theme of the mine. The mine fan (i00075) and the boiler hall are the first two new matching projects. If you want, you can even order a suitable interior design for the boiler hall under i00077 to round off the building.

Fitting products:

MU_N-i00066: Zeche hanging bench with winding tower
MU_N-i00067: Mine winding tower
MU_N-i00070: Mine machine house for winding tower
MU_N-i00071: Mine extension set base plate & geared motor mine / winding tower
MU_N-i00075: pit fan
MU_N-i00076: boiler hall
MU_N-i00077: Interior of the boiler room

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