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Almost all models in N gauge are equipped with generally compatible standard N couplings (Rapido coupling). The only exception are certain train sets that have Scharfenberg, claws or special close couplings. In this case you will find information on the models.

All models from European manufacturers usually have a standard NEM coupling shaft and usually short coupling links (KKK). Japanese vehicles are not equipped with an NEM clutch shaft.


Vehicles from Modellbahn Union and Dapol are normally developed for radii larger than 220mm (R2), but may also travel through smaller radii. Larger vehicles may require additional radii; in individual cases you will find information on the vehicles. Some vehicles from Japan, especially short locomotives, wagons and trams from Tomix and Tomytec, are suitable for radii from 103mm. Shinkansen trains and large steam locomotives require a minimum radius of 280mm.

Track gauge and power supply

All N gauge vehicles, without exception, are suitable for operation on 9mm tracks and are operated with 12V direct current. They are compatible with all common N gauge brands.


Motorized vehicles from Dapol, Modellbahn Union and other European manufacturers are in most cases equipped with a digital interface. Exceptions are displayed in the article notes, where you will also find information about the interface. Vehicles from Japan are not equipped with digital interfaces.


Vehicles from Modellbahn Union based on the continental model are in 1/160 scale. Vehicles from Modellbahn Union based on the British model or based on English models as well as vehicles from Dapol are in 1/148 scale. Vehicles from Japan are in 1/150 scale, Shinkansen trains in 1/160 scale. The scale does not affect compatibility and use with other N scale railways.

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