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In-house developments by DM-Toys and Modellbahn Union

With the love for the track N we find again and again gaps, which we close with our assortment. Our Spur N products are mainly from model trainers, model makers, modular builders and creative minds who need something for your project, but that does not exist.

The well-known manufacturers are doing a great job, which we would like to supplement with our own products. Thus, we try to put a small highlight on your system with our products.

Of course, we have evolved year by year and can offer you freight wagons as well as accessory products in laser cut and 3d printing. In our targeted selection, you will recognize the attention to detail.

„My personal conclusion: Our 3d printing products do not need a human, but the one who has them will love them! Especially the small details make every facility something special. Our lasercut products combine innovation, design and uniqueness. My absolute favorites are the machine hall (i00041), the gantry crane (B00058) and the laser cut beginner's sample set (A00105). I can not name a favorite with our freight cars, because I think all cars are great. The ferry boat touches me a lot.“

Marcel Hagemann


The future of building model making. It is not only very realistic models can be built, but also small editions. This also makes it possible to realize special buildings affordable.

Lasercut products in our shop

3D print

A little highlight on your system. Interiors, car models, track accessories and even lawn mowers develop a realistic access to the miniature world.

3D print products in our shop

Modellbahn Union

From epoch 3 until today, there is something for everyone. The detailed implementation of the models promises a realistic model with driving pleasure.

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