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Please fill out the form as completely as possible. A workshop order will be created for us based on your information, which we will send to you by email. The rest of the process is simple:

  • Print out workshop order.
  • Pack the rolling stock well (preferably in the original packaging), please enclose a printout of the workshop order email or the order number.
  • Send it to us, if necessary using a return slip that we can send to you separately.
  • We check, repair and discuss any queries with you.
  • You will receive the invoice by email.
  • We are happy to combine the repair with a shop order to optimize shipping costs.
  • After the invoice has been paid, the repaired rolling stock is shipped directly and well packaged.

To ensure that your treasures reach us intact and functional, you should always send the models in their original packaging. This not only makes work easier for our technicians (safer packing and unpacking), but also offers better protection during shipping. Please understand that we cannot guarantee damage during shipping if the original packaging is not used and we also have to charge €10 for the extra work.

Important: Please fill out a separate order for each part.

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Prices and processing

  • The costs depend on the effort.
  • DM-Toys charges €84.00 including VAT for one workshop hour.
  • Billing is done every 10 minutes, i.e. 14 € / 10 minutes.
  • Material (decoder usually Doehler & Haass) is charged in addition to the shop price.
  • If original packaging is not used, we assume no liability for shipping damage and will charge €10 for the additional work.
  • The shipping costs are based on the DM-Toys delivery conditions (see below) and amount to €4.99 within Germany (free shipping from €150.00). The order can also be combined with a normal shop order to save on shipping costs!
  • For shipping to DM-Toys, an optional DHL return label is offered for only an additional charge of €5.00.

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