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DM-Toys bonus program

We reward you for (almost) every order.

We would like to thank you with the new bonus program for placing your order with us:

  • We distribute our bonus items from a very small order value and will be added to your order free of charge.
  • We regularly redistribute the products so that our regular customers who order from us also benefit from changing products as a bonus.
  • Registration is not necessary for this. However, we would be happy, because you can also enjoy exclusive advantages in our web shop. More about this here.
  • Counting, comparing and calculating strenuous points is no longer necessary. You will receive the free product immediately and not only with your next order or as a voucher etc.
  • Don't forget that the individual value of a product can of course vary, so you can of course also choose a product from a lower bonus value with a higher order value.
  • A cash payment or exchange for equivalent products is unfortunately not possible, since we adapt internal plans (e.g. expanded production and storage capacities) especially for the campaigns and thus plan them depending on the course of the campaign. Maybe your desired product will be there next time.

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Currently available as a bonus item:

from 600.00 EUR

from 800.00 EUR

from 2000.00 EUR