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3D printing processing

We have been developing and producing 3D printed accessories for model railroaders since 2016. Two different printing processes are used for this:

The SLA technology is used in development. Here, a platform is moved into a tub with liquid, photosensitive resin and illuminated from below with a laser. The platform is raised by 50 microns before each lighting. The illuminated areas “stick” to the platform, so the model is built layer by layer. With this technology only small runs can be produced.

In production we use a machine that can print large quantities. The technique used here is the MJ P technique. A piezo print head prints a combination of wax and photosensitive resin in layers of 16 microns each onto a build platform. The parts are then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. A very big advantage of this process is that even moving parts can be printed as a complete model.

Treatment of 3D printing models



Some 3D products come on a platform with supports. This happens when the parts are very delicate and/or small. Separating it from the platform should be done with sharp side cutters. The flat side must point in the direction of the model.


Although our models are all cleaned in isopropanol alcohol (hence the white appearance), it is recommended that you clean them again with isopropanol alcohol or water with dishwashing liquid before painting the models. If desired, the surface can also be cleaned with a gentle brush.


Coloring the models can be done with a brush or airbrush. It is advisable to always apply a primer first. This not only guarantees good adhesion of the paint, but also ensures that the paint adheres evenly to the entire object. It is best to use white primer for light colors and black for dark ones. When painting it is better to work in several thin layers. This means that the fine details will still be visible even after painting.


The aging of 3D printed parts occurs like plastic models. If the model was painted with acrylic paints, either use nitro aging agent or paint the model with a nitro clear varnish before aging and then age it with acrylic aging agent.

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3D printing models in the shop:

DCC Digital Steam locomotive 460 010 FS Ep.III

Manufacturer: Fleischmann
Art.-no.: Fleischmann_715584
294.90 EUR (RRP*)
265.41 EUR
Incl. 19% VAT., excl. shipping
Delivery time: 4-21 working days

DCC Digital Diesel locomotive 365 425-8 DB AG Ep.V

Manufacturer: Fleischmann
Art.-no.: Fleischmann_7370003
225.90 EUR (RRP*)
214.61 EUR
Incl. 19% VAT., excl. shipping
Delivery time: 4-21 working days

DCC + Sound Diesel locomotive Beilhack snow thrower DB AG Ep.VI

Manufacturer: Fleischmann
Art.-no.: Fleischmann_7370001
439.90 EUR (RRP*)
395.91 EUR
Incl. 19% VAT., excl. shipping
Delivery time: 4-21 working days

Diesel locomotive Rh 2048 ÖBB Ep.V

Manufacturer: Fleischmann
Art.-no.: Fleischmann_7360014
169.90 EUR (RRP*)
from 152.91 EUR
Incl. 19% VAT., excl. shipping
Delivery time: 4-21 working days